Cardinal Speciality Hospital

Cardinal Speciality Hospital is a modern Institute of Mental Health.  The 70 bedded hospital started in the year 2003. The Speciality Hospital has all modern amenities with speciality standard.
It is a private concern under the sole proprietorship of Dr. D. George, a highly qualified and veteran Mental Health professional. Here, all major departments of Mental Health come under a roof. The departments are Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, De-addition and Counselling.

The Speciality Hospital was started with well defined objectives. The historic and contemporary attitudes towards mental patients are always not positive. Many a times they are treated as criminals or semi- criminals for their abnormal behaviours. This attitude has been reflecting in the treatment scenario too.

To make a radical change in the existing system of functioning, approaches and attitudes we established A PATIENT FRIENDLY HOSPITAL – probably first in the world.

Though it is a difficult one to put in to practice due to patients’ impaired insight and non co-operation, we make it a reality with the help of specially trained nurses and security staff.

To manage non co-operative violent patient we have arranged an Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit (IPCU) where nursing staff render 24 hours service with clock work precision. The disturbed patients are never isolated from relatives or staff. Nurses’ station has been arranged amidst of the rooms in the IPCU.

We are enjoying the high level facilities in the multi or super speciality hospitals running other disciplines. But these hospitals are not run in full fledged psychiatry departments. As a result, speciality standard is not reaching the needy in the field of Mental Health.
We here provide all speciality standard and qualities of treatment, accommodation and dining.

Cardinal Speciality Hospital is a unique hospital. Individual accommodation is provided to each patient. There are semi- private rooms, private rooms, double rooms (for a single patient) special rooms, and A/C rooms. So each patient can keep their individuality and privacy. They can choose their rooms in accordance with their financial status.

A team of Mental Health professionals comprising of consultant psychiatrist, consultant clinical psychologist, psychiatric social workers and trained psychiatric nurses undertake the treatment of the patients. The team work helps understand the patients in depth. Psychodynamics and Psychological problems, familial, social, and occupational problems are also dealt with the signs and symptoms of psychiatric disorder. The team assesses the patients’ behaviours in Bio-Psycho-Socio-Spiritual dimensions. And patients are getting medicines, psychotherapy, social therapy, and spiritual support.
We provide a holistic approach.

Cardinal Speciality Hospital is a modern treatment centre for those who genuinely ask for where they treat the person whom they love most who develop some psychiatric or behavioral problems, without loosing their comfort in staying and dining.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy